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Two Nights at the Plaza Hotel & Casino

Two Tickets to "A Mob Story"
Love ’em or hate ’em, mobsters played a major role in Las Vegas’ rise to becoming a renowned tourist destination

About The Show

In its hay-day from about 1950 to the early 1980s, the mob controlled every Strip resort that was worth controlling.

Although Al Capone had eyed Las Vegas as a potential haven for the mob’s gambling and alcohol interests, it was mob associates Meyer Lansky and Bugsy Siegel who in the mid 1940’s first established the mob’s interests in Las Vegas. Their timing could not have been better. Before the formation of Las Vegas, American tourists looking for a great time had to go all the way to Cuba. In Cuba gangsters were welcomed by the corrupt Batista regime, casinos were plentiful, and the profits were huge. Around a decade after the opening of the first casino in Las Vegas, Fidel Castro’s Revolution swept Cuba. So the people were left with no other alternative for legal gambling than going to Las Vegas. With Siegel’s imagination and great organizational skills and the money of the Mafia, the first gambling resort of Las Vegas – The Flamingo – opened on December 26, 1946. It was the first of many Mafia-financed resorts. Las Vegas proved to be a very profitable and legal business for the Mafia. Once a dull desert town, it now became the glitzy Las Vegas "Strip."

Meyer Lansky, Bugsy Siegel, Moe Dalitz, Johnny Rosselli, Sam “MoMo” Giancana, Tony Spilotro and Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal were mob bigwigs who played a significant role in building Las Vegas into the tourist and gambling mecca it is today. But in the mid 1980’s, it all came crashing down for the mob in Vegas, as law enforcement declared war on the mob in America. But make no mistake, it was the mob that built this Mecca in the desert and the story of how it was done is fascinating.

The show was created by legendary show producer Jeff Kutash, who was the creator/producer/director of one of Las Vegas’ longest running hit shows, “Splash.” Jeff will bring A Mob Story to life this Spring at Downtown’s Plaza Hotel. In his unique style, Jeff will tell the Vegas mob story utilizing state of the art set design, cutting edge music, dazzling visual effects and the absolute best contemporary dance styles ever seen on a Las Vegas stage.

Can lightening strike twice for this Legendary Las Vegas entertainment icon? He believes so and he has recruited some of the industries greatest talent to assist him.

Brian Friedman: Supervising choreographer. Friedman has created the choreography for many popular music artists – such as Britney Spears, Cher, Beyoncé Knowles, and Mariah Carey – as well as for music videos, concert tours, and television and film productions. Entrepreneur, artist and trendsetter, Brian Friedman is one of today’s hottest directors for today’s most popular concert tours, music videos, television shows, commercials, and films. His moves and style are beyond grand, graceful, and captivating, which makes him a true living legend in his field.

Will “Willdabeast” Adams: Choreographer. Originally from Indiana, Will “WilldaBeast” Adams moved to LA to pursue his dance career. Dancing for artists such as Usher, T-Pain, The Black Eyed Peas, Jason Derulo, Zendaya, 5th Harmony, Demi Lavato, GLEE, X-Factor, Nissan, MTV, Butterfinger, and Madonna he found a love for choreography. This allowed him to choreograph for artists including T-Pain, DJ Tiesto, GRL, Erika Jayne, ABDC, So You Think You Can Dance, and Nike. In 2013, Willdabeast created the dance company immaBEAST and dropped the first official video “Dope.” Since then, immaBEAST has become one of the leading brands, companies, and influences in the hip hop dance world.

Shannon Mather: Choreographer. Shannon has been described as the most sought after choreographer in the United States and Canada. Shannon has taken dance and choreography to incomparable heights. Her creative vision and excellence to the dance arts have been described as moving, brilliant, and inspiring. Her strive for excellence and ability to bring out the passion of dancers nationwide has created high demand for her gift of teaching and awarded her widespread critical acclaim.

Michael Franzese: Former Colombo family capo who was dubbed “The Prince of the Mafia” by Tom Brokow in the mid 1980’s, will host the show and provide a true and authentic look into the secret world of the mafia, both in Las Vegas and across America. Never before on a Las Vegas stage has a real “made man” provided such insight into this clandestine lifestyle.

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The Mob Story Show is located inside the Plaza Hotel & Casino. Service fees and tax are not included. Drink purchase required. Tickets must be redeemed at the box office. We reserve the right to substitute this package with alternate show tickets.

This vacation is valid for 2 nights arriving on Sunday through Wednesday. Great rates on upgrades & additional nights. 12 full months to book your stay. Room tax is not included in this package. Resort fees are not included and are the responsibility of the guest at the time of check-in to the hotel. You must provide a valid government issued id and a major credit card to check-in. The Plaza Hotel does require a deposit upon check-in to cover incidental expenses such as room service, phone calls, movie rentals, etc. A minimum 30 days advanced notice is required on all reservations. Not valid during major holidays or conventions/special events.